There are a number of key economic factors that make the use of RF Assure Detection Technology a smart, cost effective choice for ORs, trauma centers and Labor & Delivery suites nationwide.

RF Assure Detection Technology delivers a cost-effective solution

Legal Cost Savings

  • Average malpractice legal defense cost: $43,2584
  • Average malpractice settlement cost: $327,7265

Reimbursement Incentives

  • CMS stopped paying for "never events" in 2008
  • Average unreimbursed procedural cost for a RSI: $77,5126
  • Some insurers are offering incentives to eliminate HACs

Procedure Cost Savings

  • Average cost of OR time: $62 per minute7
  • Average added OR time per miscount: 20 minutes7
  • Average cost of an X-ray to address sponge miscounts: $286-$7058,9
  • Surgical source infections occur in 43% of cases, with an average cost of $25,543 per patient10

Other Factors

  • Hospital reputation

Cost savings and cost avoidance outweigh implementation costs at a rate of greater than 3:1.8


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