RF Surgical Systems, the market leader in retained surgical sponge prevention, brings you the RF Assure Detection System. With its unmatched accuracy and seamless simplicity, the RF Assure Detection System delivers a critical measure of safety for patients while enhancing clinical efficiency.

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the rf assure® conformplus II
detection mat

The RF Assure ConformPlus II Detection Mat is clinician inspired and designed to detect retained sponges in the OR using one-touch automatic scanning technology. The reusable detection mat contains radiolucent (X-ray compatible) antennas inside a pad that is placed on the OR table beneath the sterile drapes.

  • Hands-free scanning for in-vivo sponge detection
  • Scans for retained surgical sponges in 15 seconds
  • Conforms to pressure ulcer reduction and relief standards (AORN)1,2
  • Light-weight design features hanging tabs and quick-disconnect cable for ease of use
  • Slip-resistant bottom surface and fastening straps for integrated OR table attachment
  • Reinforced detection coils and improved cable flexibility for improved durability

download the ConformPlus II Detection System brochure

Blair-Port Wand®

  • Quickly locates missing sponges in linen and trash bins and around the sterile field
  • Offers extended detection range in cardiac, trauma and bariatric cases when used with the mat
  • Reusable with sterile cover for reduced waste

RF Assure Console

  • User-friendly interface delivers fast feedback with minimal distraction
  • Allows OR staff to scan quickly and receive traceable evidence for compliance
  • Generates a unique confirmation number for essential recordkeeping
  • Small footprint saves space in the OR environment
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